Welcome in my new blog. Believe in Your Dreams


Welcome! I'm new to blogs, but I believe I have a lot to share with you all. My name is Suita  (yes from sweet) Carrano Bonadies and I live in Italy. I'm sure you wonder WHY I have such a name, I've been asked all my life so I now this story pretty well now ;-).

I'm a destination wedding planner since 1995. I've been producing destination weddings in Italy, but also in Brazil, US, China, Sri Lanka and Macao. I'm also the President of IWPA international Wedding Planners Association, a community of planners from all over the world. BUT besides all this, I'M A DREAMER!

In my blog I will take you into the wonderful word of weddings; showing you the wonderful venues I'm visiting and giving you gew advices for a stress free destination wedding.

Let me tell you a little about me.

I was born in England, by Italian parents living in London for business. My dad, Andrea, was a manager at "The Pavillion ", in the 60th one of the trendest club of the City, while my mother was a housewife trying to learn English watching TV. I was born after two years of happy marriage, and in two years they had never made their minds on a possible name for a child. So when I arrived, in a cold November, they still had no name for me... and started to call my "my sweety, my sweatheart and names like this" and at the end they decided to call me Sweet ( italianized in Suita).

Once back in Italy, my dad decided to take his family hotel in Ravello (Amalfi Coast) , and I can say that I have spent in the hotel most of my life. Meeting guests from all over the world has allowed me to grow in a multicultural environment, despite Ravello is a 2800 hinabitants village perced on a cliff. 

My dad had a dream, finding a treasure in his home town, Ravello, and to follow his dream he decided ( 1968) that it was time for us to move back to Italy. I have not many memories of my life in London, but this vibrant and multicultural City had always been in my heart and I often go back for a week end.

From hotelier to wedding planning has been for me an easy process. I helped my dad in his first British wedding when I was only 12 and I enjoyed so much that, when making decision for high school, I chose a school that could specialize in foreign languages and events. After completing the high school I started to travel abroad and lived 6 month in New York, 4 months in Brazil and 6 months in Germany, working for travel agents and getting more involved in the culture.

Planning weddings & events is my passion. I work arms to arms with my clients offering the most dedicate service for an unforgettable wedding; making their dreams come true as they were mine. My other passion is travelling. I'm not a tourist but a traveller. I love getting involved in real life and understand the different cultures, things that I really feel important to better understand my clients' vision of life. Anyway, I'm still finding my dream... 

Pleased to meet you! I'm Suita, your Ultimate Wedding Planner