Weddings at the time of COVID19


Approx 20 years ago I posted on a blog about "Weddings at the time of internet", writing about the difference I was experiencing in my profession. When I started my business in 1995 we used to receive letters or phone calls, and sometimes fax, by potential clients wanting to have information about destination weddings in Italy and eventually hired me just confirming over the phone. Then things changed, gradually but changed, and instead of a letter I started receiving emails, then SMS,  Facebook messages and WhatsApp messages. Gradually... 

Life changes sometimes drastically. Everything was perfect at the beginning of the year, brides were thrilled for their upcoming weddings, pros like me were already counting the hours of no-sleep due to events going all night long. But yes, life can change drastically and we are still waiting to understand what we will be allowed to do after COVID19 lockdown.

It's sad and very stressful, but unfortunately, it's very real. After months of planning, bookings, making big decisions and rethinking small details, suddenly the world pandemic has started. Something none of us have ever experienced, a complete lockdown with new rules to follow. All travels and group gatherings have been banned until further notice. What shall we do!                                                           Breath! 

We need to fight anxiety and stress. Health come first and replanning may help fix the stress.

I don't know WHY it works, but it does work.
When it feels like the world came crashing down (and it's exactly this) refocusing your energy is what will keep you going.

So why don't consider a few points:
1. Time is on our side: Having decided on a destination wedding means you are comfortable with going off the beaten path. Imagine being on the Island of Famous ... plans can change and we just need to go along with it.

Staying flexible; If your wedding date is not in the upcoming 2-3 months, you may not need to reschedule right away. Things can get better just as quickly as they have gotten bad. Keep your original wedding date and wait for news about borders reopening and keep an eye on the flight schedule.

Of course, if you feel waiting will complicate things even more, you can reschedule. You will have more time to start rearranging things.

Remember - more time means more great ideasUse this lockdown time to make little improvements to your wedding plans. You and your wedding planner may end up with amazing new ideas and make the wedding even more WOW.

2. Know your priorities: 
We are learning something from COVID-19. Family and friends are the most important thing in life.
Talk to them and let them know your plans because your guests will also need time to adapt to the new situation and reorganize things. They will 100% understand and support your decision, you are taking care of their health postponing your wedding. Once you have a few new wedding dates in mind, discuss this with your destination wedding planner, she will speak to all vendors and rearrange the date with them.

You may want to ask for any available future dates, most of the suppliers will be able to offer a solution. Their businesses are also being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
We are all in the same boat!

3. Put it on paper:
Once you're set on a new date, spread the word with your guests. Your wedding planner will provide all your new contracts with the bookings updated.
You won't need to reprint save the date and invitations, just make a nice e-card with the new wedding date and send it over. Putting it in writing will make it official.

It may happen that a vendor is unavailable for a new date or a guest can't make it, but in the end what is important is that even a bit later, you are going to marry the love of your life. Focus on that and everything will go in the right way.

Once it's safe to travel again you will have your destination wedding and It will be even more amazing because you simply appreciate it more. And like the rest of the world, You will appreciate life more, you will appreciate gathering with people more and You will appreciate love more.

it'll be worth the wait.