Planning a destination wedding, p1


Destination Weddings aren't a nowdays trend. I can't say exactly when the first destination wedding happened in the world, but I know that one of the most famous American couple who tied the knot in Italy is Tyron Power and Linda Christian in 1949... wow already 64 years ago they exchanged their vows in Rome, in the Basilic of Santa Francesca Romana ai Fori. The bride's dress was by the then emerging Sorelle Fontana who, after the event, became famous all over the world. The dress was amazing in it's simplicity, white satin moved on the sides by folds and wrapped in a soft cloud of veil stopped on the head by a bonnet covered with pearls. The veil train was long seven meters, two more than the Queen of England's whose wedding happened the year before. The groom had an elegant tight made especially for him by the famous tailor Caraceni. Among the guests, royals from Europe and the high society of Italy. The wedding costed a fortune indeed. 

Many times I've been asked how can a couple choose a destination for a wedding, or which is the destination that worths the expense of a wedding. There are several factors that makes bridal couple decide for a destination wedding instead of a local one. Firstly is the wish to have unique moment to save in the heart for a life time, sometimes it's a budget factor. 

What is the most true to me is that, when having a Destination Wedding, you can combine a number of activities to enjoy the days at the best and make the wedding weekend a good memory not only for yourself but also for the wedding party. All your guests will feel honoured to share so much time with you.  Indeed, and this is the second most true to me from real experience, whoever attends a wedding day will remember just how good (or bad) the food & wine was, so when you invite them for a long wedding weekend, they will have more memories to save.