Planning a Destination Wedding, p2


There are a number of reasons for chosing to get married abroad, or at least quite far from your home city. One of this reason is, obviously, to keep the wedding more intimate and cost saving, but on the other hand a number of people would choose to get married abroad for a really opposite reason. Getting married abroad is popular also among VIP who want to amaze their guests by making them travel to a fabulous location. 

Choosing the ideal destination is just a matter of making your dreams come true

But what should this destination be for YOU? should make your heart beat, make you feel light, make you feel at home and well received, both from the territory and from the people who live there...

No bridal couple is equal, and what one likes very often doesn't amaze an other person, but some destinations may become for anyone with the help of an amazing wedding planner. Other point to consider, when getting ready to fly abroad, is the guests that you expect to invite ;-). Family with young children may not be happy of a 12 hours flight to your amazing out of the world destination wedding; old people many not enjoy a barefoot wedding in the heat of Caribbean summer; some guests may not be able to afford the expense... and so on. The list of problems may be neverending and you can just say that it's your wedding and you don't need to please anyone. 

Well, definitely YES, but unless you elope, few of this problems need to be solved and the help of an experienced wedding planner can help you at least 90% of these.