The biggest gift I have, living in my Paradise, Ravello - Amalfi Coast


Life is a gift, and I've been gifted so many times, but i still feel that the biggest gift I have is to live in this little city pearched on a rock, with the most amazing view over the Amalfi Coast. 

Ravello, 2800 ish inhabitants, scattered in a land where more than 40k people used to leave in the 15th century. We all know each other well, especially here in the "centre" ( 500 people??) and every single celebration ( or mourning of course) is something for everyone, like in a big family. 

Wintertime in Ravello is "boring", most of the tourist shops are closed, the weather is never too cold and residents are used to meeting each other at the stairs of the cathedral, and if it rains...they meet in the few cafè that are open all year. Then, as the sun sets, you hardly find someone wandering around. 

Life goes slow in Ravello, and you will feel it as soon as you arrive. Traffic is not an issue here (parking space is!). There's one only road that connects to the motorway and one that connects to the Amalfi Coast Drive, and walking around is a pleasure that everybody enjoys. 

In the last few years, Ravello has become very popular for destination weddings. Ravello is intimate but still professional, Ravello is authentic but open to other cultures and it may happen that you will see two or three weddings in a day, but you will never see the chaos of a big city.

Legal Weddings can be celebrated in the lovely gardens of Princess of Piedmont while Catholic weddings can be celebrated in the various churches of the city. Orthodox weddings can also be celebrated in the Church of Gradillo thanks to the agreement between the two confessions, while for other confessions approved a special licence by the local Bishop is needed, but still possible.