Do you really need to hire a wedding planner??


Getting married is a unique event in a life time. Yes, we want everything to be perfect and we start years in advance to plan... little details and big details,  we start checking daily on pinterest and instagram to find inspiration, we start selecting suppliers to hire, deciding decors, spend weekends visiting locations and venues, meeting suppliers and supplier,

Wowo, that's a big amount of time to steal to a sofa-mode weekend after a hard working week, don't you agree with me? 

Well if you are a super organized one, and if you can have so many days off at work so you don't sacrifice your week ends, and of course H2B isn't a sport fan and happy to drive you around each and every week end, than definitely you don't need to hire a Wedding Planner! NO WAY to hire someone who will decide about your most important day of life; NO WAY to hire someone who will use your money to plan your wedding.

Girls, the real life is quite different, and planning a wedding ( or any event) yourself will steal all your free time, so at the end of the joke, you will get at the DAY so exausthed as ever. You don't want this, do you?