A Fairy Tale Wedding in Assisi


I will marry you only in Assisi! not the title of a film, but Thiago's proposal to Viviane that left no shadow of a doubt. Get ready now baby, a year will pass, maybe two or a few more, but our wedding will be celebrated in Italy.

Viviane is not upset at all. Italy is her passion, she hasn't visited much and when the time to get organized is approaching she gets trilled and calls with my colleague-friend Marcia Fasano, a wedding planner in San Paolo (Brazil) to start the very first planning.

A beautiful, romantic and peaceful place: Assisi

A church dedicated to Lady Mary

A typical Umbrian cottage for a country chic theme

Three details are enough to start with the design. Pretty busy days of phone calls and exchanges of emails between Rio De Janeiro-San Paolo and Ravello begin; finally, I have exactly in mind what the girl is dreaming and I start approaching a sort of project to show. The bride is not anxious, she has clear ideas and once I submit the very first project... OMG, she is amazed and approves 110%, but we are still 14 months away from the wedding, everything is fairly straightforward, but could also change on the way. More, I have selected them 6 potential locations to choose from, but we need the right one, so the future spouses start to plan to fly to Italy for a site inspection.

June 2018 - I meet my couple at Rome airport and we start our tour at "the research of the ideal location". Between photos, videos and lots of laughter because I don't speak Brazilian and they don't speak English, our 4 days of inspection bring the wanted results. So beautiful couple bye and see you in a year, we just have some details to finish.

A year goes by quickly and our spouses return to Italy this time with my friend Marcia and after having completed the last formalities for a Legally Binding Catholic wedding we are ready for the big day.

Meanwhile, the guests have also arrived and celebrations start, on a rainy day, with a welcome picnic at the Saio Winery. The weather seems to be against us until the very end.

May 16, 2.00 pm

Thiago is freaking nervous. They followed the tradition and spent the night before the wedding in different rooms.

Viviane is getting ready, she is beautiful already but the hairdresser is doing an amazing job with her hair and she seems to be calm.

At the set time all the guests start making their way to the church, while Thiago gets a ride on a Ape Piaggio cabriolet. Soon the bride also reaches the Church and marriage ceremony starts with the voice of Alessandra Ceciarelli as a background for the celebration.

As a surprise for the bride, we booked a carriage with two white horses. I was not aware that I was fulfilling a dream that she has had for her quinceanera!!

Differently from other cultures, Brazilian weddings start with the first dance and so they did. Just after, the reception started. An amazing triumph of flavors of true Umbrian regional cuisine, with a "surprise" mozzarella show, made on the spot by Biagio Staiano who came directly from Ravello (Amalfi Coast) and ending with a 3 tiers Wedding cake. Lola Swing Band was the perfect music choice for this wedding and the group made the wedding party dance all night long.

All in all a perfect wedding, and since we are blessed, so not even a single drop of rain for all day and night!

stylish details 

Nude look wooden table with tablescape made with white crochet runner, baroque golden vases with white and burgundy seasonal flowers and olive branches. Plates and glasses in colour scale from green to burgundy and gold-plated cutlery. Placecards: a St Francis wooden magnet with a spring of lavender. Wedding favours, small bottles of Olive Oil with a sacket of almond confetti.